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Many entrepreneurs are domain experts in the field they want to improve in which they have amassed a vast amount of knowledge. Likewise, we are domain experts in software development.
We like tech and we have spent many years developing our expertise in it so you don't have to. Our passion is to make tech accessible to entrepreneurs so that they can focus on the business problems. Which makes us the perfect partner for startup founders who do not have a software background.
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With over a decade of experience in web development using agile methodologies, our team philosophy is focused on delivering what the customer needs through an iterative approach of short feedback cycles.
The process begins with an idea; our team will help you refine your idea from a concept to an actionable plan. Each action item is broken down to a set of features, which will each follow the cycle described in the chart above.
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At Bear & Giraffe we pride ourselves for being polyglots, not only do we speak multiple human languages, we also code in multiple computer languages. That said, our poison of choice will always be Ruby.
To us Ruby on Rails is not just for prototyping, but a mature community with an extensive set of tools and best practices that enable us to perform at the best of our possible capabilities. And there is nothing we’d like more than to help a budding startup build an MVP it can proudly showcase to investors.
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New companies who want to establish an online presence, or established companies who want to refresh their existing one, typically want to do so with the shortest time between inception and completion.
At Bear & Giraffe we specialize in rapid development without sacrificing quality, building on years of experience working with content management system such as WordPress and Drupal, and creating custom themes for our clients.
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